Contactless Smart Ticketing


Contactless smart ticketing offers unrivalled convenience to passengers, improving their experience and encouraging frequent travel. To power smart ticketing, Gemini 2000 develops and manufactures NFC technology that is successfully integrated in transport projects across the world. We work with system integrators to deliver the benefits of contactless to projects large and small.


A reader designed for the transport environment, uCrypto supports both ITSO and other national smart ticketing schemes alongside EMV payments. It offers fast and secure compliance with all popular smart cards used for transport today, as well as Visa and Mastercard bank cards and smartphone wallets.

uCrypto features one spare ISAM slot. A 4-slot expansion board is available where more SAMs need to be deployed.

The reader comes in an EMV-certified casing that can be mounted near the POS device. USB and Serial connections are supported. uCrypto is also available as an OEM module ready for integration into larger ticketing systems.



Public transport is a sector where the benefits of contactless are sizeable and clear. They include frictionless travel and reduced queues, fare optimisation and flexibility, reduced cash handling.

With contactless, passengers are able to board quickly with a tap, without the need to buy tickets beforehand. What is more, taps are registered and the best possible fare or a daily cap can be applied prior to billing. Changes to these offers can be done via a centralised back office, allowing for greater flexibility and fast response times.

Increasingly, transport operators are integrating schemes such as ITSO and Calypso alongside EMV contactless payments. This setup allows for passengers to use smart ticketing as well as pay with a tap of a bank card. uCrypto features built-in logic designed for handling multiple standards.



Model 1 – Fixed fare. А contactless card or smartphone is used at the start of the journey with a known fare. A single tap triggers a single transaction. Also known as “retail mode”, essentially replacing cash.

Model 2 – Aggregated. This allows more complex pricing, such as different fares depending on travel zones or a cap on fares over a certain time period. Transactions take place at the end of a defined period (such as the end of the day) and not at the start of the journey.

Model 3 – Pre purchase. No transaction takes place as contactless is used as authority to travel, associating passengers with their pre-purchased tickets. This model is suited to higher value multi-mode services.



The Crypto range of contactless readers are fully certified to accept payments and smart tickets. Certificates include EMV Level 1 and Visa & Mastercard Level 2, and a PCI PTS v5.1 reader option is available. Compliance with non-EMV standards such as Mifare is built-in. ITSO is available through third-party libraries from our partner Unicard and we have supported clients in passing Calypso and Leaf certification as well.

We are excited to be among the growing list of partners in the Visa Ready for Transit program that are delivering fast, easy and secure transportation journeys globally.