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Orbit IP reader


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Key features
  • Contactless smart card reader
  • Compatible with ISO 14443 cards such as Mifare Classic, DESFire, NTAG
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) interface with TCP/IP connectivity
  • 3 LED indicators, beeper.
  • Optional relay, on-board memory, mains power supply.
  • UK manufacturing and support
Product description

The reader employs 13.56 MHz NFC technology for secure wireless communication with smart cards, fobs and wristbands. Unique to Orbit IP is its Power over Ethernet (PoE) interface, with power as well as communications running through standard LAN cables. This is a one-box solution that can be plugged directly into a computer network, without the need for additional controller, power supply or concentrator hardware, thus utilising existing infrastructure. Through its built-in TCP/IP network connectivity, Orbit IP runs as a standard HTTP web client. This makes it easy to integrate with no low-level programming required. Common web languages such as PHP, ASP and HTML can be used to build a complete, powerful access control or time attendance systems from a web page. Orbit IP has been successfully deployed in schools and universities, governmental facilities, offices, retail and industrial sites.

Hardware add-ons
  • Relay – an optional relay allows triggering of electric locks and latches. The fitted component is TE IM03GR.
  • MicroSD card – for those occasions when the network or webserver is down, the reader can switch temporarily into offline mode and store card swipes on a MicroSD card.
  • Power – Orbit IP is supplied as a PoE-compliant device as standard. It can also be mains powered using an adaptor, contact us if you’re interested in purchasing this option.
  • Waterproof casing – an IP65 rated enclosure for outdoor applications.
  • Digital inputs – optional terminal blocks for voltage and current controlled inputs.
  • Display – see Orbit IP II reader model that incorporates a 2″ display.
System integration

The reader can be connected to computer networks straight out of the box using static network settings or DHCP. Each reader has a unique MAC address that it reports and can be used for identification. Once part of a network, the reader transmits GET messages with contactless card data and operational updates to a web server hosting the customer’s software. No server-side software is provided by Gemini 2000 – customers are invited to develop their own custom solutions. This software needs to interpret messages from the readers and send instructions for them such as flashing LEDs, sounding the buzzer or triggering a relay. Find out more about how Orbit IP works in the Programmer Guide below.

Casing options

The reader is readily available in several housings, made from plastic or aluminium, to use on a desktop or to wall mount. Custom colours, casing designs and stands can be manufactured upon request, contact us do discuss your requirements.