GemTAG xPad reader

GemTAG xPad reader



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Key features
  • Contactless smart card reader/writer
  • Compatible with ISO 14443 cards such as Mifare Classic, DESFire, NTAG
  • Ergonomic case with 15-button keypad, 2-line display, beeper
  • USB connectivity
  • Proprietary G2K API for custom development
  • UK manufacturing and support
Product description

GemTAG xPad is a contactless smart card reader/writer with keypad and display. It supports wireless communication with a host of smart card standards through 13.56 MHz NFC technology. The reader features a built-in keypad for PIN entry to enable two-factor authentication for added security.

xPad benefits from seamless plug-and-play “keyboard wedge” functionality with Windows and other operating systems through the HID standard. The reader also supports the proprietary G2K API, which introduces significant flexibility for custom development. The API grants complete control over the reader and simplifies the programming of complex solutions. Gemini 2000 offers extensive documentation and engineering support to clients implementing the reader for custom projects.

The design of xPad is compact and ergonomic. Its 15-button keypad is comfortable for PIN entry and user interaction, while personalised messages are displayed on a clear two-line display. A built-in beeper adds audible interactivity. Customisation options for the device include bespoke case colour and logos to suit specific project needs.