Contactless Payments


EMV contactless credit cards are transforming the way we pay for parking. Today, motorists are faced with multiple payment options, such as cash, mobile phone and credit card chip and pin, but none offer the ease and convenience of contactless “wave and pay”. Cut down queues and improve customer experience, while doing away with the cost of handling cash.


Crypto is a family of contactless payment readers designed for integration into unattended points of sale. A market-proven technology, the readers are fast, secure and robust modules for bank card acceptance.

Certified to EMV Level 1 and Visa & Mastercard Level 2, the financial industry standards, they are ready to process transactions from contactless bank cards, smartphone and wearables. Crypto comes as a USB or Serial device in two different easy-to-install casings.

Crypto is an embedded hardware module that requires a computer terminal to relay transactions. This can be your own POS machine or our specially-built telemetry terminal. The terminal extends connectivity options for your payment system to Ethernet, WiFi and 4G.



The contactless card reader is the first step towards a successful bank transaction. In a parking meter application, the parking machine interacts with the telemetry terminal to trigger a fixed value transaction on the reader, but that is where the interaction ends. The telemetry terminal ensures the contactless reader performs checks of the card and carries out the transaction, and prepares an encrypted message containing cardholder data for the Payment Service Provider (PSP).

This message goes to a back office first, which links all payment terminals in the field to the PSP. This software service can be your own, Gemini 2000’s or provided by a third-party payment specialist. Once the transaction request is received by the PSP, it makes the relevant checks with Visa and Mastercard and responds with an Accept and Decline message that is delivered back down the chain to the parking meter. The whole process takes seconds and a ticket can now be printed.


The financial industry is built on trust – and rigorous testing and continual certification by accredited laboratories. Our systems have been certified to the highest levels of security and data protection as specified by industry bodies EMVCo and PCI. We employ authentication, tokenisation and encryption to render all transferred data useless to criminals.