Contactless payments


Start accepting contactless payments with Gemini 2000, a specialist developer and manufacturer based in the UK. With over 25 years’ experience in contactless technologies and recent projects with charger manufacturers, we’re proud to offer easy-to-install, fully certified and cost effective payment systems for electric car charging stations.


Crypto is a family of contactless payment readers designed for unattended use. A market-proven technology, the readers are fast, secure and robust modules for contactless-only acceptance of Visa and Mastercard.

Non-payment standards such as Mifare are also supported, which allows for multiple modes of payment – both a membership card or a bank card – to be serviced by a single terminal. What is more, the terminal’s software allows for control over multiple chargers or charging guns.


Transactions are cleared via acquirer Elavon and funds transferred within 1 to 3 days. Merchants have 24/7 access to a comprehensive online reporting platform called Switchio. Sales reports or detailed information for each transaction are available at a click of a button, while issuing refunds is hassle-free too.


Fully certified payment solution trusted by EV charger manufacturers
Support multiple EV charging stations or handles with one terminal
Easy deployment and software integration over Ethernet
Secure transaction processing, comprehensive reporting and easy refunds
UK manufacturer with fast delivery and responsive support
Custom functionality, mechanics or graphic design upon request



The payment terminals consist of a compact contactless reader and a telemetry unit. This two-part design allows you to position modules more conveniently inside the charger enclosure and reduces costs if replacements are ever needed. The terminals require a 12V power source and connect to the EV charger via a standard Ethernet connection.

Message exchange between terminal and charger is carried out over MQTT. Several transaction types are supported, such as a flat rate or a card pre-authorisation to begin charging with a final confirmation when charging ends. Multiple chargers or charging handles can make use of a single payment terminal, as the messaging protocol allows for transactions to be matched to individual charging sessions.

All sensitive card data remains secure at all times as it is encrypted in the reader and transmitted over a secure channel to the acquiring bank. The reader’s security is certified to PCI PTS 5.1.

Bank cards, smartphones and wearables are all accepted. This includes devices featuring Visa, Mastercard, GooglePay or ApplePay. The payment terminal can handle non-payment cards and tags as well, so loyalty and membership schemes can all use the same contactless reader.

Transaction processing and reporting are done by our partner, payment gateway Switchio. Funds are cleared by Elavon, the leading acquirer offering fast and reliable customer experience with next day fund transfer options.


One size does not fit all. We offer a flexible approach that allows you to choose individual hardware and software modules. This helps deliver a solution tailored to your project, while adhering to certification requirements.

Contactless reader

Choose a contactless reader model that suits the mechanical and interfacing requirements of your charger.

Telemetry box

The optional telemetry terminal hosts the business logic and its own WiFi or 4G wireless connectivity.

Payment processing

Get a fully-functional payment system or just the certified hardware for your own EMV Level 3 certification.


Our consultative approach means that you can count on our assistance through every step of adopting contactless.
Begin by evaluating the solution with our £199 Starter Kit. This includes a reader, terminal, test card and set up in our test environment. Contact us to order.