Contactless payment readers


from GEMINI 2000.

EV charging points demand a smooth user experience and the integration of contactless can enhance that with a seamless payment process. At Gemini 2000, our core business is providing a contactless card reader that has all financial industry approvals in a manner that is easily incorporated into an EV charging point. Key features include a single reader taking payment for multiple handles and accepting both bank cards and membership cards on the same reader.


Crypto is a family of contactless payment readers designed for integration into unattended points of sale. A market-proven technology, the readers are fast, secure and robust modules for contactless-only bank card acceptance.

All readers in the range are EMV Level 1 and Visa & Mastercard Level 2 certified and compliance with non-EMV standards such as Mifare comes as standard. This allows for multiple modes of payment – through a membership card or a credit card – to be serviced by a single reader.


The Gemini 2000 telemetry terminal is designed to host business logic and support communications between the EV charging point, contactless reader and payment gateway. Ethernet, WiFi and 4G connectivity options are available. The terminal runs Linux OS that is open to developers.

The telemetry terminal is an optional component – you can use your own computer to run software services. But our module represents a purpose-built single board computer that helps deliver a self-contained payment system, should you need it.



The contactless card reader is the first part of a chain of processes for a successful financial transaction. We provide the flexibility for OEM customers to interface directly with the reader by making available a Software Development Kit (SDK). Alternatively, for customers who require a self-contained payment hardware bundle, we can supply a telemetry terminal that acts as the bridge between the contactless card reader and the back office.

In an EV charger application, the EV charger computer will interact with the telemetry terminal as part of the payment aspect of a charging session, but that is where the interaction ends. The telemetry terminal ensures the contactless reader carriers out the card transaction correctly and prepares an encrypted message containing cardholder data for the

Payment Service Provider (PSP). This can be sent directly or via a financial back office that links the numerous payment points in the field to the PSP. This software service can be the client’s own, Gemini 2000’s or provided by a third-party payment specialist. Once the transaction request is received by the PSP, it responds with an Accept and Decline message that is delivered back down the chain to the EV charger in order to proceed with charging the customer’s vehicle.

When the vehicle charging session is complete, the EV charger instructs the payment system with a final amount. This initiates a second message to the PSP, which formally triggers the bank transaction with the correct amount.


One size does not fit all. We offer a flexible approach that allows you to choose individual hardware and software modules. This helps deliver a solution tailored to your project, while adhering to certification requirements.

Contactless reader

Choose a contactless reader model that suits your mechanical and interfacing requirements.

Telemetry box

The optional telemetry terminal hosts the business logic and its own WiFi or 4G wireless connectivity.

Payment processing

Need an ready-to-go drop-in payment system? Use our partners’ certified processing platforms to get started fast.


The financial industry is built on trust – and rigorous testing and certification by accredited laboratories. Our systems have been certified to the highest levels of security and data protection as specified by industry bodies EMVCo and PCI. We employ authentication, tokenisation and encryption to render all transferred data useless to criminals.