From kids meals at schools to office canteens, contactless smart card technology brings the ease and convenience of cashless catering to institutions of all sizes. It allows diners to pay with a quick tap of their card, doing away with handling cash and credit card transactions.


For catering applications, we recommend our X1 contactless reader. A fast and reliable NFC reader, it can communicate with all popular smart cards and smartphones to authenticate users and carry out cashless transactions.

X1 is a cost effective solution that is easy to deploy in organisations of all sizes. Its modern minimalist designs seamlessly fits into any canteen environment, while the high impact plastic casing is easy to clean.


Schools of all sizes are already benefiting from contactless technology with shorter queues and improved experience. With their issued smart cards, children get lunch easily as part of free meal plans, or purchase food through an electronic wallet. They can use it in canteens or at vending machines throughout the school. Student accounts are managed by the school or parents, who can add privileges or funds online or via kiosks. The smart card system gives control and transparency, while making it easy for children to get lunch.

University canteens and restaurants also offer cashless catering to their students. Whether food is purchased as part of a catered accommodation plan or through an electronic wallet, smart cards allow students to enjoy easy, hassle-free dining. What’s more, universities deliver personalised bonuses directly to smart card accounts to encourage or reward card holders. As with schools, universities often adopt a one-card solutions where a single smart card offers access to a wide range of student services, including at canteens, libraries, sport facilities and shops.

Corporate clients are increasingly turning to cashless catering where food is provided on site. This provides convenience for employees and eliminates the handling of cash by canteen staff. Companies can chose to provide subsidised meals, which is easily implemented using a smart card system. The employee’s card is often multi-purpose, acting as a physical or logical access card, as well as a canteen card.