EMV Contactless Payment Systems

Contactless Technology for Fast, Convenient Payments

EMV Contactless Card Payments

Since making the first contactless card transaction in 2007, consumers have been quick to adopt this convenient technology for low-value payments. Over 55 million contactless-enabled cards are now in circulation in the UK and Gemini 2000 offers secure, reliable point-of-sale terminals that accept them.

NFC, or near field communication, is a contactless, wireless means of transferring data between credit card and terminal. Payment processing is carried out using the globally agreed EMV standard, short for Europay, MasterCard and Visa. In practice, a customer taps a contactless credit card on the POS terminal and payment is typically taken within a second, without the need for PIN entry. This quick and simple process speeds up credit card payments and eliminates the need to carry cash, both of which are attractive to consumers.

Orbit SAMGemini 2000 has developed the contactless-only Orbit SAM terminals with EMV Level 1 compliance. They allow businesses to integrate EMV contactless capability into existing payment systems or to be used for stand alone contactless card acceptance. These compact, fast and secure devices are an easy, cost-effective way to offer NFC payments to customers. Read more about Orbit SAM.

Our proprietary hardware and software solutions are particularly suitable for transport applications, retail stores, unattended machines and kiosks, and any other locations where speed and convenience are important. Businesses are reporting shorter queues, an increase in transactions and a reduction in costs associated with handling cash. Early adopters of NFC technology further enjoy competitive differentiation and improvement in overall customer experience.

Contactless payments are a proven commercial success – weekly spend across the UK almost doubled from £3.2m in 2013 to £6.1m in 2014, and the growth is accelerating. If you’d like to start accepting contactless payments, see our product page or get in touch to discuss your requirements.