Orbit IP: PoE NFC Smart Card Reader

Orbit IP POE smart card reader

Orbit IP is an Ethernet-based contactless smart card reader for registration, attendance monitoring and access control

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Key Features

• Contactless NFC reader
• Power over Ethernet (PoE)
• TCP/IP network connectivity
• Easy to program using PHP, ASP, HTML, etc
• 3 LED indicators and beeper
• Optional relay, internal memory, digital inputs
• UK manufacturing and support

Orbit IP System Integration

Orbit IP is an easy to integrate card reader that uses standard LAN cables to connect to a network straight out of the box. The reader can scan contactless smart cards and transmit data to a web server, while receiving commands from it to control the LEDs, buzzer or relay.

Product Description

Orbit IP employs 13.56 MHz NFC technology for secure wireless communication with smart cards, fobs and wristbands. Unique to the reader is its Power over Ethernet (PoE) interface, with power as well as communications running through standard LAN cables. This is a one-box solution that can be plugged directly into a computer network, without the need for additional controller, power supply or concentrator hardware, thus utilising existing network infrastructure.

Using the TCP/IP protocol, Orbit IP runs as a standard HTTP web client. Tapping a contactless card initiates an HTTP request by the reader with URL parameters containing the card’s data. This approach makes it easy to integrate the reader with no low-level programming required. Common web languages such as PHP, ASP and HTML can be used to build a complete, powerful access control or time attendance monitoring systems from a web page.

The reader boasts an optional internal micro SD flash memory card where it can store swipe data. This means that even when the network connection is interrupted, no data is lost. All stored logs can be accessed periodically or on demand by the administrator.

This PoE smart card reader is ideal for deployment in schools and universities, offices, industrial sites and sporting facilities.

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Custom Solutions

Orbit IP is a flexible solution with optional add-ons to suit specific requirements. Options include relays for door locks, internal storage and a 5″ display. There are casings for desktop use, wall-mounting and a floor stand, as well as OEM modules. The colours of both the casing and the LEDs can be customised upon request.

Orbit IP smart card reader

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