Student Attendance Monitoring For Schools, Colleges & Universities

Student Attendance Monitoring

Deploy an attendance monitoring system with the Orbit IP contactless smart card readers. Build your own software solution or integrate with one of our partner’s packages. Easy installation using Power Over Ethernet technology. From £129 per reader.

Orbit IP is a contactless smart card reader using 13.56MHz technology for reading and writing to a wide range of smart cards. It features Power over Ethernet interface for both power and communication with a web server over standard local area network cables. Through its TCP/IP network connectivity, Orbit IP runs as a standard HTTP web client. This makes it easy to integrate the reader with no low-level programming required. Common web languages such as PHP, ASP and HTML can be used to build a powerful attendance monitoring systems from a web page. A number of UK colleges and universities have developed their own attendance systems with Orbit IP, while leading off-the-shelf attendance monitoring software packages also support the reader.
Orbit IP NFC Reader

Find out more on Orbit IP’s product page or download a product brochure.

System Integration

The reader is a one-box solution that can be plugged directly into a network without the need for additional hardware, thus utilising existing cabling. If required, Orbit IP can obtain configurations settings from a DHCP server. Once established as part of the network, it communicates with a designated web server for sending smart card data and receiving commands that control the LED’s, beeper or relay. Gemini 2000 offers firmware development services for its clients and any new firmware can be rolled out directly to Orbit IP readers on the field via a TFTP server.
Orbit IP System Integration
For a more technical overview see this detailed diagram or contact us to request Orbit IP’s user manual, which comes complete with code samples.

Why Orbit IP?

  • Dedicated NFC reader for attendance monitoring
  • UK-based manufacturing and support
  • PoE technology with one cable for both data and power
  • Network connectivity via DHCP or static IP
  • Control of display, LEDs, buzzer and relay through web interface
  • Secure communication using MD5
  • Choice of casings and branding options
  • From £129 with volume discounts available

Hardware Options

Orbit IP is a flexible solution with multiple options for added functionality. Relays for door locks and internal storage can be added upon request, and an external 5″ display is supported. A choice of casings is available for the reader, including a desktop case, a wall-mountable case and a face plate design that fits a standard pattress box. A freestanding powder-coated steel floor stand is available as a flexible solution for easy deployment of readers. The colours of all casings and LEDs can also be fully customised to suit the client’s needs and branding. Orbit IP is also offered without casings as OEM modules for integration into larger systems.

Our Education Clients

UCLan Attendance Monitoring Case Study

Case Study: University of Central Lancashire is one of the
first in the UK to deploy student attendance monitoring.
The system was developed internally and it communicates
with 500 Orbit IP readers across the university.
Read full case study (PDF)

Gemini 2000 Education Clients