Bespoke Contactless Solutions

Gemini 2000 strives to provide not only products, but complete solutions. This is why, on top of our off-the-shelf offering, we do bespoke work for clients with specific requirements. In our experience, even small projects can benefit from a tailored approach. In those cases existing products do not solve a problem fully or most efficiently. To help with this, we offer affordable development services priced at just £350 per day.

Services include consultancy, software and hardware development, manufacturing of electronics and casings. Working directly with our engineers and designers has enabled clients to deploy highly elegant solutions for their business problems.

Software Development

Starting with low level software development, we develop proprietary firmware for communication between electronic components that delivers full control of the hardware. This machine code is responsible for core functionality, such as reading different types of smart cards, security and communication, and is customisable upon request.

The Gemini 2000 API serves as a middle layer, enabling the programming of NFC readers using higher-level commands. Part of the Software Development Kit, the API and software tools and libraries provided, allow customers to build software solutions, with or without our support.

Finally, we often deliver complete software applications. These range from speedy web applications for our web-enabled devices to complex terminal software conforming to the latest ITSO and EMV requirements.

Bespoke NFC HardwareHardware Development

Running our own manufacturing facility in the UK allows us to offer the same flexibility when it comes to hardware too. From requests for specific colours, casings or cabling, to developing new circuit boards, our engineers are able to build unique products for clients. In fact, work on casings and cabling is something we provide on short notice and sometimes free of charge. Modifications such as these mean that the final product fits branding or usability requirements completely.

But hardware development usually goes beyond casing design, with our engineers incorporating new components or designing entire boards to provide new functionality. This is often done when fitting our NFC solution within a larger system or performing a unique operation, whether in retail, transport or education environments.


Over 20 years of experience with a wide range of clients has brought a wealth of technical and operational knowledge to our team. We provide recommendations on smart card technologies, readers, standards and software, as well as develop project plans for implementation. Particular areas of expertise for us are smart ticketing, ITSO, EMV contactless, electronic registration, attendance monitoring, access control, cashless payments, loyalty and unattended applications.