Smart Card Printing

NFC Technology for Smart Card Printing


Many everyday interactions require a simple and secure way to be identified, make payments or access buildings. With smart cards increasingly serving this purpose physically and electronically, the issuance of cards is on the rise.

Orbit smart card readerGemini 2000 develops hardware and software solutions for encoding electronic data onto smart cards. We supply OEM readers that get integrated into larger smart card printers and work in unison. Our latest product Orbit is a faster device with improved range for reliable printing of high volume of smart cards. Get in touch to discuss how our technology add NFC functionality to your project.

e-Government has been an active adopter of the technology. Providing high security and the ability to host large amounts of data, smart cards are increasingly used for drivers licences and entitlement cards as well as military, fire and police personnel cards. NFC offers the ability to employ a one-card system, where a single smart card serves as identification, means of payment, key for physical and electronic access, and more.

The private sector, in particular banks, members clubs, conferences and retailers, have also recognised the value of smart card technology and have issued millions to their customers. Access control is a simple, yet important application, from conferences and hotels to high security facilities like airports, where entrance to relevant areas are granted securely and seamlessly. Loyalty has been particularly important for clubs and retailers, which promote and reward customer activity. If you’d like to add NFC capability to your smart card printing system, get in touch now.