Contactless NFC Readers

Gemini 2000 NFC Readers Product Line

We specialise in contactless card readers that power contactless payments, smart ticketing, POS systems, access control, attendance monitoring, and more. Our readers employ 13.56 MHz NFC technology for secure wireless communication with smart cards, fobs and wristbands. See our current product range below and shop online or enquire about our development and consultancy services.

Crypto EMV Reader

Crypto: Contactless EMV reader

Crypto is a contactless-only payment module designed for integration into attended and unattended point of sale solutions.

Certified to the PCI PTS Version 5.1 standard, the reader is a secure solution capable of handling and protecting sensitive cardholder data. It also comes with EMV Level 1, Visa and Mastercard certificates, and certified ITSO libraries. A market-proven technology, Crypto is ideal for transport operators, parking, vending and kiosk manufacturers and retailers. It enables integrators to offer the convenience of “wave and pay” EMV functionality to customers.

Find out more about EMV payments here.

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Crypto EMV Reader

X1: Multi-purpose contactless reader

An extremely versatile reader/writer, the X1 is designed for authentication, membership management, cashless payments and other desktop or embedded applications.

The reader is compliant with a host of popular smart card standards in use today, including Mifare, NTAG and DESFire, as well as mobile phones. It supports both configurable “keyboard wedge” functionality, or the G2K API that enables development of custom software and card communications.

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Crypto EMV Reader

Orbit IP: PoE Ethernet reader

An Ethernet-based device designed for registration, attendance monitoring and access control.

Unique to the reader is its Power over Ethernet (PoE) interface, with power as well as communications running through standard LAN cables. This is a one-box solution that can be plugged directly into a computer network, without the need for additional controller, power supply or concentrator hardware.

Orbit IP acts as an HTTP client that communicates with a server via the TCP/IP protocol. Upon detecting an NFC card, the reader sends a request to the web server, while the server can respond with a standard HTTP message containing embedded instructions for the reader to perform actions such as LED sequence flashing or triggering a relay. The reader can access various page extensions such as .php, .asp, .cfm, .pl, and .html, allowing for management systems to be developed quickly and easily.

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Software Development Kit

A comprehensive set of tools, libraries and code samples that enable developers to integrate Gemini 2000 readers with Windows, MacOS or Linux based application software. Included is the G2K API that allows control over the readers and actioning complex card operations. Extensive documentation and technical support are provided to customers purchasing the SDK. The kit is available to buy online.

Extended Product Range

We manufacture and support an extensive range of contactless readers to suit varied project requirements. Click on the reader below to find out more.

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