Membership Management

NFC Technology for Effective Membership Management


Contactless smart cards have transformed the way public services are used. NFC technology is being adopted widely at libraries, leisure centres and schools across the UK and internationally for fast, convenient access to services. A single card can perform a number of functions – provide access, identification, means of payment and more – with a quick tap on an NFC terminal.

Orbit smart card readerGemini 2000 has developed hardware and software solutions for membership management for over a decade. Our NFC devices have been integrated across the UK and have proven suitable for councils, schools and public services, as well as corporate applications. Our latest development, the Orbit reader, is a faster, more secure NFC device with improved range and functionality. It is an easy-to-deploy and cost-effective solution for public and private organisations.

Schools and universities have been some of the fastest adopters of NFC technology, due to their diverse mix of services, varying number of buildings and heightened need for security. A single student or staff card can serve as identification, allow buildings access and means of registration, be used for printing, photocopying, Internet use, purchases or discounts at shops, getting meals at the canteen and the bus ride home. Reliable, inexpensive NFC terminals deployed at each service point can not only authorise use, but also save records and report anything that requires attention.

Libraries have also embraced smart card technology, greatly improving the way their services are managed and reducing administration overheads. Books can be taken out with a tap of the library smart card, alerts and notices triggered automatically to card holders, and fines paid just as easily. Additional services, like printing, photocopying and internet browsing can also be accessed via a smart card, while new services can be added seamlessly to smart card systems as they’re introduced. Recording usage electronically allows a library to better understand its visitors, spot usage trends and tailor its offering accordingly.

Loyalty schemes are easy to implement with smart card systems and even easier to use. Leisure centres are just one example of an organisation that has encouraged its visitors to use facilities more often. Rewards can be issued to a card holder every time they carry out an activity, such as visiting the gym, going for a swim or attending a class. This encourages healthier lifestyle and promotes regular use.

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