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EMV Contactless for Vending Machines

Fast, Secure Payments for Vending Machines with EMV Contactless

EMV Contactless Reader

Focusing on ever greater convenience, vending machines are increasingly being upgraded to accept EMV contactless credit and debit card payments. The technology cuts dramatically the time it takes to complete a transaction, reducing queues at machines and adding convenience for those on the go.

For vending machine applications, Gemini 2000 offers its sophisticated Orbit SAM reader. It is an NFC-compliant device for securely accepting EMV contactless payments. Orbit SAM is designed to processes high volumes of transactions quickly and reliably. Available as an OEM module, Orbit SAM is a an easy to deploy solution for integrating into vending machines.

Orbit SAMThe technology has shown to increase transaction count as customers short of cash or time are able to shop at more easily. What’s more, the option to add items and pay with a tap of a contactless credit card encourages higher spend at vending machines and boosts transaction values. The benefits of “wave and pay” improve customer satisfaction and are good business for operators.

EMV contactless is at the heart of a payments revolution and fasting becoming a must-have option at machines and tills. With over 55 million contactless-enabled bank cards issued in the UK alone, weekly consumer spend has almost doubled in 2014, and the growth is accelerating. The vending industry, with its low average transaction values, is set to benefit from this convenient, user-friendly technology. To begin accepting EMV contactless payments, get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.

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