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Contactless Smart Ticketing Solutions for Public Transport

Smart ticketing is fast replacing paper tickets on public transport across the UK. The convenience it offers to passengers has shown to improve their experience and encourage frequent travel. To power smart ticketing, Gemini 2000 develops NFC technology that is successfully integrated in numerous transport projects. We are working with transport operators and system integrators to deliver the benefits of smart ticketing to passengers throughout the country and internationally.

The UK government promotes smart ticketing through the Integrated Transport Smartcard Organisation (ITSO). The ITSO specification for transport operators is designed to enable seamless travel across cities and regions and different modes of transport. Its central principle of interoperability allows for a smart card to be used anytime and anywhere across ITSO members, including bus, train, ferry and subway means of transport.

Smart ticketing is attractive to passengers as they can load tickets or credit in advance, speeding up boarding time and reducing queuing. Smart cards are also more secure and harder to replicate. They can be electronically disabled when lost or stolen with remaining balance refunded to the owner. Smart ticketing is flexible and allows operators to create new ticket types and run loyalty schemes. The vast amounts of data provided by electronic ticketing also helps companies identify trends and improve their service where possible.

CryptoCrypto is Gemini 2000’s ITSO-compliant smart card reader. Employing 13.56 MHz NFC technology, it offers fast and secure wireless communication with a host of popular smart cards used for transport today. Crypto accepts ISAMs, a requirement for all point of sale equipment, and meets ITSO’s full specifications. The reader is available as an OEM module ready for integration into larger systems. Read more about Crypto.

Increasingly, transport operators are integrating the ITSO specification in conjunction with EMV contactless credit card payment capability. This setup allows for passengers to use smart ticketing as well as pay with a tap of their contactless-enabled credit cards. Crypto is designed for ITSO and EMV compliance and is successfully integrated in the first projects of this kind in the UK.