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Smart Cards for Sport & Leisure

Contactless Smart Card Technology for Sport & Leisure

Contactless smart cards are revolutionising the way sporting facilities are enjoyed by customers. The NFC technology is being adopted at gyms, health clubs and leisure centres across the UK for fast, convenient access to services. A versatile solution, the membership smart card can serve a wide range of functions – provide access, identification, means of payment and more – with a quick tap on an NFC terminal.

Gemini 2000 has developed smart card solutions for membership management for sports and leisure clients for over a decade. Our latest development, the X1 smart card reader, is a fast, secure NFC device with improved range and functionality. It is an easy to deploy and cost-effective solution for use at receptions, sports facilities and lockers. Read more about the X1.

To encourage more frequent use, loyalty schemes are often implemented using smart card technology. Leisure centres reward members every time they carry out an activity, such as use the gym or attend a class. The schemes encourage regular use of leisure centre facilities and promote healthier lifestyle to members.