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Smart Cards for Schools and Universities

Contactless Smart Card Technology for Schools & Universities

Schools, colleges and universities are transforming the way students access facilities and services using innovative smart card schemes. NFC technology has shown to improve quality of learning, add convenience and security, and simplify administration. Gemini 2000 manufactures a range of NFC devices – including desktop, wall mounted and handheld readers – that are proving invaluable to schools and universities throughout the UK.

Signing In
Smart cards are typically deployed for student and visitor identification. Issuance of ID cards is easy and inexpensive, while a quick tap on an NFC reader passes all card holder details. The data can be cross checked with internal and external databases to determine the privileges of each user. Such systems minimise unauthorised access and improve security. NFC readers can be deployed beyond teaching spaces and into libraries, sporting facilities and bike sheds.

Attendance Monitoring
Orbit IP Increasingly, educational establishments generate and store electronic time and attendance statistics for their students using smart cards. These provide visibility on each student’s record and highlight cases where support is needed. The system encourages higher engagement and contributes to academic achievement. Attendance records are also a requirement by organisations like the Student Loan Company or the Home Office for international students. Read more about our attendance monitoring solutions here.

Cashless Catering
Enjoying food at a canteen or from vending machines is easier with student cards. Meal plans and funds are pre-loaded onto the cards, either by the school, parents or students themselves, which can then be redeemed on site. Cashless catering helps to reduce queues, improve experience and free up time for staff to prepare great food. The student smart card system can be extended to stores on-site where students can buy books, stationery and uniforms. Having an electronic wallet allows students to shop safely, while funds can be added by parents or rewarded by the school. In some instances the smart card benefits students off-campus, where it used to get discounts at local stores.

Orbit ClassicOur Technology
Gemini 2000 offers NFC technology to deliver extended smart card functionality to schools and universities. We designed our Orbit Classic smart card reader for secure identification and cashless shopping. The Orbit IP reader, used in some of UK’s biggest educational establishments, is a cost-effective device with Ethernet connectivity for access control and time/attendance monitoring.

To find out which technology is right for your school or university, get in touch to discuss your project.

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