Parking / EMV Contactless Payment for Speed and Convenience

EMV Contactless Parking

Contactless Payment Technology for Parking Applications

EMV contactless credit cards are transforming the way we pay for parking. Today, motorists are faced with multiple payment options, such as cash, mobile phone and credit card chip and pin, but none offer the ease and convenience of contactless “wave and pay”.

EMV contactless payment is increasingly adopted by retailers and transport companies, as well as for unattended applications such as parking meters. The EMV system allows for low value payments below £20 to be paid for by tapping a contactless-enabled credit or debit card on an NFC terminal. This speeds up card transactions, as the customer does not need to enter a PIN, and helps cut down queues and improve experience when paying for parking.
Orbit SAM
For cashless parking applications, Gemini 2000 offers its sophisticated Orbit SAM solution. It is an NFC and EMV Level 1 compliant smart card reader that offers speed, reliability and security for high volumes of transactions. Available as an OEM module, Orbit SAM is a cost-effective and easy to deploy solution for integration into parking meters and machines.

With over 55 million contactless-enabled credit cards issued in the UK alone, the technology is a proven commercial success. Weekly consumer spend has almost doubled from £3.2m in 2013 to £6.1m in 2014, and the growth is accelerating. The parking industry, with its typically low average transaction values, is set to benefit from this convenient, user-friendly technology. To join the EMV contactless revolution, get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements.