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Office Access Control

Secure Access Control For Facilities & Offices Using NFC Technology

Smart cards are the preferred technology to deliver secure, flexible access control to businesses. Accepting smart ID cards, fobs and wristbands, NFC readers integrated at gates and doors identify employees and visitors to grant predetermined access rights. Corporate clients of all sizes are choosing Gemini 2000 to deliver access control solutions for their offices and work sites.

Initially, employees and visitors are issued with ID smart cards that identify them within the building. Access levels can be tailored to each individual or group to ensure they gain access to relevant areas only. Lost or stolen cards can be immediately deactivated, while new ones are quick and easy to create. The employee smart cards communicate wirelessly with NFC readers, which need to be installed at all points of entry. The readers control door locks and gates electronically and open them once a smart card has been verified.

Our innovative Orbit IP smart card reader is designed for access control and registration. The device features Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology, with power as well as communications running through standard LAN cables. The reader is a cost-effective one-box solution that can be plugged directly into an existing computer network, without the need for additional hardware. Once deployed, employees and visitors need to simply tap on the reader to access relevant areas.

Some organisations opt to add an extra level of protection on top of smart card security. The GemTAG xPad device features a keypad and display, as well as an integrated smart card reader, to verify smart cards and PIN codes at the same time. The resulting two-factor authentication boosts security even further and is ideal for extra sensitive buildings or particular areas.

However, smart card technology goes beyond just opening the door. Corporations holding confidential data chose to protect their networks through logical access control. Smart card readers connected to computer terminals offer secure identification before granting access to machines and networks. Only selected employees can log in and unauthorised access is restricted. The Orbit reader is ideal for logical access control. Plugged into a computer, it offers secure wireless authentication. Where two-factor authentication is required, the GemTAG xPad can be deployed for logical access using both smart card and PIN entry.

To find out how NFC technology can help your business, get in touch now to discus your requirements.