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City Council Smart Card Schemes

Contactless Smart Card Technology for e-Citizen Schemes

Some of the earliest adopters of NFC technology in the UK have been local authorities. With government backing, city councils throughout the country have implemented numerous schemes to deliver convenient e-services to citizens and businesses. Gemini 2000 supplied proprietary NFC technology to the first Smart Cities projects and continues to develop innovative solutions for council needs today.

Smart cards have been able to introduce a one-card solution for a range of council services. From bus passes and parking, to library, leisure centre and even donor card functionality, the technology has proven versatile and flexible.

Concessionary travel is one area where smart cards offer distinct advantages. Bus passes can easily be issued to senior citizens and disabled persons and just as easily cancelled. Rich card usage data is collected centrally, which helps to tailor and improve services and reduce fraud. But it’s not just public transport that reaps the benefits of smart cards – motorists too enjoy the convenience where councils implement NFC technology at toll bridges and car parks.

Libraries have also embraced smart card technology, greatly improving the way their services are managed and reducing administration overheads. Books can be taken out with a tap of the library smart card, alerts and notices triggered automatically to card holders, and fines paid just as easily. Additional services, like printing, photocopying and internet browsing can also be accessed via a smart card, while new services can be added seamlessly to smart card systems as they’re introduced.

Loyalty schemes are easy to implement with a smart card systems and even easier to use. Leisure centres are just one example of an organisation that has encouraged its visitors to use facilities more often. Rewards can be issued to a card holder every time they carry out an activity, such as visiting the gym, going for a swim or attending a class. This encourages healthier lifestyle and promotes regular use.

Orbit smart card readerLocal authority smart card schemes have been found to deliver easier access to services, more personalised offerings, increased purchasing power (where citizen cards bring discounts) and overall improvement of quality of life. For councils, there are new opportunities to improve service efficiency, collect data and insight, provide staff-specific services and boost reputation. Gemini 2000’s latest development Orbit is a smart card reader designed to deliver smart card solutions to government clients.

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