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Gaming & Betting: Bookmakers Join Smart Card Revolution

Bookmakers are increasingly implementing smart card technology to improve their offering, boost customer experience and encourage loyalty. With the advent of multiple betting and gaming platforms, including in store, online and on mobile, the need for channel integration through electronic customer accounts is becoming more apparent. Cashless gaming, and the convenience it brings, has shown to improve gaming experience and encourage play.

Smart cards are typically used by bookmakers to identify customers securely and link them to an electronic wallet. Funds can be added by the customer for betting on sporting and other events and for playing casino games and the Lotto. An electronic account provides flexibility: it can be topped up with cash in a shop and then used for play online, or topped with a credit card online for use in store. Winnings can be withdrawn just as easily, either online via bank payments, or instantaneously in cash at shops. Customers have shown to value the flexibility of having both options.

To manage cash transactions in betting shops, Gemini 2000 recommends two-factor authentication using both smart cards and PIN codes to improve security and customer confidence. Our GemTAG xPad product is specifically designed for secure applications and can be further tailored to a business’s needs through custom functionality, display messaging and casing design. Authenticating both smart cards and PIN numbers, at an attended till in a betting shop, ensures maximum level of protection when making cash transactions.

Orbit smart card readerNFC devices are also integrated inside gaming machines in betting shops. Customers can pay for play using a quick tap of their smart card on the machine’s reader, which does away with handling cash or card transactions. What’s more, smart card systems help companies comply with UK’s gaming machines regulations, which require customer identification to allow higher spend on a machine. Our NFC device Orbit, which is available as an OEM module, is designed for handling such user interactions and is ideal for integrating into betting terminals. It allows easy and cost-effective implementation of account-based play.

Loyalty is an important consideration for bookmakers in today’s crowded market. Being able to offer a single cash balance that can be used on all channels, be it in a shop, online or on mobile, encourages customers to stick to one brand. Bookmakers encourage loyalty further by delivering tailored bonuses and deals to each customer, based on the rich usage data being collected. Smart card technology offers businesses a point of differentiation against competitors in a highly competitive market. To find out how to integrate NFC functionality into your businesses, get in touch with us now.