NFC Smart Card Readers for Linux / Raspberry Pi

NFC Reader for Linux & Raspberry Pi

Orbit smart card readerOur Orbit Classic reader is now Linux-friendly! We have developed a special firmware and set of tools to allow easy integration with a Raspberry Pi board or a Linux machine.

The reader uses USB communications device class – or USB CDC – in order to be recognised as a virtual RS-232 port device, which simplifies programming for the reader and opens up the full capability of our proprietary G2K API to Linux developers.

When ordered with this firmware, the Orbit Classic reader comes with libraries, software and source code. The sample test tool included allows the reading of a contactless card’s serial number and reading/writing to a sector; the C source code of the tool is provided.

Compatibility with Raspberry Pi in particular is an exciting development. It means cheap and compact systems can be custom built and NFC functionality can be added through a simpler integration process.

Contact us to find out more information about Linux compatibility, or head over to our online store to order the Orbit Classic smart card reader.