Floor Stand for NFC Reader

Orbit IP POE smart card reader

A sturdy, ergonomic floor stand for Orbit smart card readers. It provides a flexible solution for easy deployment of readers.

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Key Features

• Floor stand for Orbit NFC readers
• Powder coated steel construction
• Scratch resistant powder coating
• Secure lockable plate
• Made-to-measure options

Product Description

Deploying a smart card reader to a location is now easier with our new floor stand. It provides a flexible solution for where fixing a reader to a wall is not practical or desirable, or where readers need to be movable.
Made from industrial-grade steel, the floor stand is sturdy and robust. Its secure base allows for it to be freestanding on feet, as well as for bolting to a floor surface. A pole, attached to the base, holds a plate at waist level where the Orbit IP reader is affixed. The plate is rotatable for user’s convenience and lockable for security. Surrounding the reader is a larger plastic plate, which provides a softer surface where users are likely to come in contact with the structure.

The floor stand is designed for the Orbit IP reader. A Power-over-Ethernet smart card terminal, Orbit IP utilises a standard Ethernet cable for both power and communications. The LAN cable runs tidily from the reader through the stand’s pole and exits at its base.

Combining the portability of this floor stand with Orbit IP’s single cable requirement means that deploying a smart card solution no longer requires costly and disruptive building work. This is a particularly convenient solution for teaching spaces, events, transport and retail locations.

Custom Solutions

The floor stand is extremely customisable and can be built to a client’s specification. The plastic plate around the smart card reader can be of different size, shape and colour, even for small order quantities. For larger quantities, the metal structure, powder-coated in black as standard, can be made with different colour and finish. Similarly, the shape and size of the base and the pole are also customisable.

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Height 120cm
Weight 8.5kg
Material Steel structure, high impact ABS reader surround
Finish Scratch resistant powder coating
Security Hex nut lock for reader plate, boltable base