ITSO Smart Ticketing

ITSO-Compliant Systems for Smart Ticketing

From hovercrafts in Southampton’s Solent to trains on Glasgow’s subway, public transport is becoming easier and more convenient thanks to ITSO, the UK government’s scheme for smart ticketing. Almost half of all public transport journeys in the country are now paid for via some type of smart card. ITSO-compliant cards have a growing market share and Gemini 2000 provides solutions that power the transition, enabling transport operators to adopt ITSO specification.

CryptoOur hardware and software are typically deployed by systems integrators to deliver ITSO projects. We offer an off-the-shelf ITSO and NFC compliant device Crypto that is cost-effective and easy to deploy. The reader comes in sleek, attractive casing or as OEM. We also develop custom solutions to suit specific project needs and can allocate extensive development support from our engineers.

Once deployed, smart ticketing is attractive to customers as they can load funds or electronic tickets onto smart cards, doing away with cash and handling change for every journey. All the card holder needs to do is tap the card on the ticketing machine or at the barrier. This speeds up boarding time and helps towards improving punctuality. ITSO-compliant smart ticketing also ensures that a single smart card can be used for an end-to-end journey across different member operators, no matter the type of transport.

All major bus companies plus a growing number of rail, ferry, tram and subway operators now employ smart ticketing. Adoption makes business sense: the ease and convenience of smart cards appeal to passengers, improving customer experience and making public transport a more attractive and viable means of travel. With smart tickets, operators can also offer better and more flexible ticketing deals. At the back end, the rich data collected by smart ticketing devices provide valuable insights for operators such as identifying journey trends, tackling fare evasion and more.

The ITSO specification has helped transport operators implement smart ticketing. Its integrated open standard prevents lock-in with one vendor and ensures inter-operation between different devices, operators and locations. The scheme guarantees high security and keeps up with the latest ticketing technology. To integrate our NFC technology into your ITSO project, get in touch now to discuss your requirements.