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Crypto contactless reader


Crypto: a PCI and EMV certified reader for contactless payments


Crypto is a contactless payment reader designed for integration into attended and unattended point of sale solutions. Featuring sophisticated logical and physical security, the reader is certified to the PCI PTS Version 5 standard. A market-proven technology, Crypto is ideal for transport operators, parking, vending and kiosk manufacturers and retailers. It enables integrators to offer the convenience and speed of “wave and pay” EMV functionality to customers.

Beyond payments, Crypto is compatible with ITSO, making it ideal for transport projects across the UK. Calypso, Leap and other standards are also available upon request. The reader can combine ITSO and EMV capability, accepting both standards side by side.

Crypto supports the proprietary G2K API, which allow integration into client systems. The API grants complete control over the reader and simplifies the programming of complex solutions. Gemini 2000 offers extensive documentation and engineering support to partners implementing the reader into their solutions.

More details about the reader are provided in the Crypto User Manual (PDF)

Key Features

• 13.56 MHz NFC reader with one spare SAM slot
• EMV Level 1 (see certificates), Visa & Mastercard Level 2 and ITSO certified (subject to customer casing specifications)
• PCI PTS V5.1 (see certificate)
• USB and RS232 connectivity
• Proprietary API for easy integration
• 4 LED indicators, 1 beeper
• UK manufacturing and support

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