Contactless NFC Android App Development

Contactless Solutions for Android

GA68 Android ReaderSometimes a contactless card reader is required outdoors, on a vehicle or person, or just temporarily. Handheld devices with built-in NFC capabilities are a flexible solution for where a wall-mounted or desktop reader is not viable.

We offer a number of Android units that allow card authentication on the go, and we specialise in bespoke application development for them. Our 20-year expertise in working with contactless cards puts us in an ideal position to advise on the most efficient and cost-effective solutions for contactless projects.

The in-house team at Gemini 2000 has experience with different sized projects to suit a range of requirements and budgets. The services we offer can cover all aspects of a job, from consultancy on technologies and architecture, through coding and graphical design, to sourcing and delivery of devices and casings.

Typical Use Cases

Below are a just a few examples of applications we’ve built for our portable readers:

• Attendance monitoring of students and staff
• Authentication on public transport
• Ticket checks at sports and music venues
• Tracking of physical objects with tags

This case study from West Notts College (PDF) highlights how they use our Android readers to track school bus usage.

App Functionality

The flexibility of the Android operating system allows for a wide range of functionality to be executed on the device. The software can also make use of the large number of other technology typically built into a device, such as WiFi, 3G or barcode scanner. The typical functionality our developers can build include:

• Reading and writing to NFC cards
• Barcode scanning
• Live transmission of card/barcode data over WiFi or 3G
• Storing data on the device for subsequent retrieval over WiFi, 3G or USB
• Connecting to web services for authentication

All of these can be wrapped into a custom graphical user interface for the app to match client branding.

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