Cashless Payments

Cashless Payments for Improved Customer Experience


Cashless payments are quickly gaining popularity as a swift, hassle-free alternative to cash. From school and office canteens to vending machines and parking meters, customers no longer need to find the right change or remember PIN numbers at the point of sale – payment can be taken instantaneously using smart cards. The technology is being adopted by more and more businesses, while cash use is declining, down 14% over the past five years.

Orbit smart card readerGemini 2000 develops hardware and software solutions for customer-friendly cashless payment systems using secure NFC technology. Our contactless smart card reader Orbit is a fast and robust device for seamless use at the point of sale, while the GemTAG xPad terminal features a PIN pad for an additional level of security. Our NFC solutions are particularly suited to transport applications such as bus fares, parking and tolls, as well as cashless lunch cards for schools, universities and offices, and for gaming, vending machines and kiosks.

Cashless payments’ most notable benefit is a reduction in the handling of cash, which is an inconvenience for both seller and buyer. They reduce queues at the point of sale and invite more customers in. New opportunities to further improve the customer offering emerge – subsidies, differential pricing and free services can easily be added on individual cards.

What’s more, one smart card can serve multiple purposes, acting as access card, means of authentication and payment all in one. Funds can be transfered online, on mobile or at kiosks, or linked to a credit card, while privileges can be managed remotely. All activity is recorded and stored securely at a back end system and this data is valuable for identifying customer trends, reducing fraud, and tailoring offers and pricing.

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