Access Control, Time & Attendance Management Systems

Access Control, Time & Attendance Management Systems


Providing convenient access to buildings while maintaining high security can be a challenge for any organisation. Adding any registration capabilities or time and attendance monitoring requires a level of flexibility that only electronic access control systems can offer securely. From schools, hospitals and police stations to offices and industrial sites, more organisations are adopting contactless smart card technology on site to meet their needs.

Gemini 2000 develops user-friendly access control and monitoring systems that guarantee a high degree of safety and security. Our NFC terminals Orbit IP are specifically designed to be cost-effective and easy-to-implement regardless of the number of devices deployed. Featuring built-in Ethernet connectivity means that communication and power is supplied via common, inexpensive LAN cables. The terminals’ standard network protocols ensure that software development is quick and easy, as is integration into existing systems. Read more about our access control product here.

NFC access control and management systems add convenience for users and managers. As smart card systems are “self-service”, staff are freed up from supervising entry or registration. Data is fed directly into a centralised system that allows and monitors entry, while flagging anything that requires attention. This results in better visibility all round and helps improve punctuality, comply with legislation or integrate with HR and other departments.

Flexibility is another key advantage of smart card systems. Different individuals can have varying access privileges to specific areas that can change at different times of the day or at the click of a button. Smart cards can form the basis of a one-card system, where access, identification and payment functionality is combined onto a single card. To learn how your organisation can adopt NFC access control and monitoring system, get in touch with us today.